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When should you prune your roses?

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

When it comes to pruning roses there is a lot of information out there telling how and when you should prune your roses. A lot of the information out there is hard to understand. That is why we at Topco have decided to let our green thumb community and our clients know all the information they need in regards to their roses in one simple post.

When should I prune my roses?

In Melbourne the best time to prune your roses is June or early July. Ideally you do not want the climate to be too cold or the new shoots of the roses could be burnt by the frost.

How do I prune my roses?

Firstly you will need your cutting tool, we suggest a nice sharp pair of secateurs or long-handled loppers (depending on the thickness of what your are cutting). *Also pro-tip for not getting your hands cut or pricked by the thorns is to wear a pair of welding gloves. The thickness of the welding gloves allows you to touch the roses without the pain. Bunnings have pairs of welding gloves for around $10.

Once you are ready to cut follow the steps below

  • Cut the branches on a 45 degree angle just above buds that are outward facing. The outward buds mean that the new rose branches will grow outward.

  • Cut all branches that are running across the plant. Cut these branches to the base.

  • Cut any dead or brittle branches at the base.

  • Lastly cut any suckers that are growing up from the ground or base of the rose bush.

Need professional help?

Do you have roses that need pruning but do not have the time to do them?

If you are located within the northern or western suburbs of Melbourne (including Keilor, Essendon, Sunbury, Tullamarine, Thomastown, Mill Park areas) Topco can be at your service. Contact us for an obligation free quote.

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