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Lawn mowing done right!

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

When it comes to having a nice presentable property a well cared for lawn is a great place to start. Often the first things visitors or customers notice is whether or not your lawn has been cut. At Topco we believe lawn mowing is an art form, so let us explain to you how we service our lawn mowing customers throughout the Northern and Western Suburbs of Melbourne.

Lawn mowing step by step

Firstly before you can begin cutting lawns you will need a few pieces of equipment:

- Lawn Mower

- Whipper Snipper or Edger

- Blower

Our technique for cutting lawns is as follows:

1. Whipper Snip all edges and around any poles/trees that are on the lawns

2. Grab the leaf blower (or broom if you do not have a blower) and blow the grass trimmings that have fallen onto paths or garden beds back onto the lawn

3. Mow the grass. *If the grass is a symmetrical square or rectangle we like to cut up and down to give the lawn a stripped appearance.

4. Lastly repeat step 2. This time we are blowing any grass back onto the lawn that may have fallen into garden beds or paths during the mowing phase.

The reason we cut our clients lawns using the above technique is we believe it leaves the lawn looking very presentable. By whipper snipping first and then blowing before commencing mowing it allows for all of the loose grass trimmings to be picked up by the mower. This technique leaves the least amount of trimmings on the lawn after all stages are complete.

Need the professionals?

If you do not have the equipment or the time to leave your lawn looking fantastic, why not get us to do it for you. We currently have our lawn mowing service for the following suburbs:

- Hume (Sunbury, Broadmeadows, Greenvale)

- Brimbank (Keilor, Taylors Lakes, St Albans)

- Essendon (Airport West, Tullamarine, Niddrie)

- Melton (Diggers Rest, Plumpton, Hillside)

- Bundoora (Mill Park, Thomastown, Reservoir)

Check out our many other services located on our service page.

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