Lawn Mowing

Our lawn mowing service can accommodate your needs.


Whether you require our services fortnightly, monthly or something in-between we can work within your requirements.


At TOPCO we take the time and care to leave your lawn looking clean and tidy.


We also offer seasonal specific services such as lawn aeration and lawn fertilising.


Our landscaping services include lawn installation, garden beds, retaining walls, mulch, stones, plants, trees and more.


We offer both renovation and makeovers of existing landscaped homes as well as fresh canvas landscaping of new homes. 

Body Corporate Caretaking

Our strata caretaking service is perfect for properties that require their common areas to be looked after on a regular schedule.


Whether it be a nature strip that requires mowing, garden beds that need weeds controlled or windows that need to cleaned we at TOPCO are the perfect choice.

Garden Makeovers

Our garden makeover service is the ultimate service for your property if you are planning to put it on the market.


Our makeover service aims to help you achieve the best sale price for your property.


Mowing the lawn, trimming the plants, weeding, mulch and new plants can help your property look more presentable to potential buyers.

Window Cleaning

Clean windows are a very important component of having a presentable property.

Your businesses front windows are the first thing that will catch your customer’s eyes.

Having sparkly clean windows will let your customers know that they are in a professional business.

Clean windows are just as important for residential properties especially when you are hosting an event.

Our window cleaning services include both scheduled regular cleaning as well as one off cleans.

Gutter Cleaning

Having a clogged gutter system can cause flooding and damage to your home.


Leaves, dirt and weeds can block up your guttering system and downpipes causing water to pool and no longer flow throughout the gutters.


Our gutter cleaning consists of removing any debris caught in the system and downpipes, as well as high pressure flushing the downpipes with water to ensure they are clear and ready to flow correctly.